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This is a term some people understand quite well. For those who are not familiar with the term, please read on. In the same way a vacation tour company “packages” vacation or travel arrangements, meaning one all-inclusive price that includes your hotel, airfare, rental cars, etc., we package the License offering as a business aggregator in the same manner. With our developed relationships, alliances, partnerships, proprietary technologies and imported technologies, we are in an excellent position to develop win/win scenarios for both ourselves and our Licensees.

Just like one can buy a plane ticket and stay at a hotel without using a tour company, one can also start an ATM business. One can look for and find suitable ATM software, locate suitable retail sites, negotiate leases, attempt to find his/her own processor, look for various suppliers and then look for maintenance support personnel and other suppliers needed to make their ATM business operational and profitable. Oh and don’t forget to ask your processor for the Interchange fee! Yes there is a lot to grasp!

If you are willing to do all of this, and you are not afraid of the huge learning curve, and the potential pitfalls you may encounter entering the ATM business, then you can do this without our assistance and pray that you will not overexpose yourself to needless financial risks. Or, you may discover that the same goal could have been achieved at a fraction of the cost, and without the need or cost of a huge learning curve by taking advantage of our expertise while protecting yourself, as much as humanly possible, against potential financial losses.

To that end, we offer an ATM program known as This is a License opportunity, rather than a franchise, and there are no monthly royalties to pay. For the investor that is looking for multiple or multi user Licensed units, we can arrange special bulk pricing and different structured plans. Some of the information contained on our corporate website, may be repetitive with what is outlined on our Prospectus in the backnet. There is only so many different ways and means, that we can present the product and all the facts and figures without revealing our relationship, partnership and affiliate sources. As you can appreciate, this is the life blood of our business and we guard it very closely.

Apart from us, there may be one or two other ATM business aggregators. However, nobody offers the complete packages as does

We intend to keep it that way!

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